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"A ONE is required to unite the mankind." -Guru-

Through Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru, the founder Acharya of Santhigiri Ashram in Pothencode, Kerala; numerous great gospels which has evolved independently and circumstantially, has spread in the world. As per their athmaseshi, the believers are evaluating it in different viewpoints and are grasping it. Since it will be appropriate to exchange with each other such understandings, I am presenting a Guruvani through Samvedakan’s Discussion Forum.

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Seema Rafi _Presenter_ @ February 03 2015 12:20 Pm  
If all human beings believe in ONE God, then it is possible for mankind to unite in the name of God.
Sijuposted @ February 08 2015 07:46 PM    
Expectations… devastated. Diseases…. Incurable and unending. A mind… fully disturbed. These prompts him to think of relying on a shelter. It encourages him to find refuge in that shelter and thus forget everything. Guru’s who possess Godliness in them are those never ending shelters. We shrink ourselves into their limitless shelter of love. They will continue leading us towards the point – The Almighty. All those who share that shelter, turns out to be athmabandus being bound by the string of love of their Guru. They live and perform as per the will of Guru. In one aim, in one prayer…. They turn out to be in the same athmalaya. It then spreads to coming generations. This is the undeniable truth of Santhigiri ashrama parambara. The Truth which is GURU. I believe that it is our Guru Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru who is that ONE who can unite the mankind.
Rafiposted @ February 12 2015 10:50 AM    
In this world numerous Gurus and Prophets have delivered the message from Almighty. Today their ideologies are beneath caste and religions. Mankind is competing to prove that each ones ideology surpasses the others. It will be only possible by an ideology which is beyond the reach of caste and religion to unite mankind.
Soorajposted @ February 18 2015 12:32 PM    
Thousands of Gurus have come and gone from this world. Even today in different corners of India Guru’s and their ashrams exist. All of them are performing towards the fulfilment of the same aim. God’s will should prevail. Mankind should understand that all of the above people are performing towards the fulfilment of one and only one wish of God. We should know that we all are the children of that Almighty. We should be able to spread that knowledge. Thus we should be able to lead this mankind towards that ONE. Let us work towards that. Let us pray to Almighty for that.
Rishimithraposted @ February 20 2015 03:16 PM    
Gurucharanam Saranam. A ONE is required to unite the mankind. Which is that ONE? From the comments which have come till now, we do understand that it is the Creator of this Universe, the Almighty. Agree with this. But isn’t that Creator different among the mankind? The Almighty, Allah, The Holy Father… Though we can explain that conceptually all these are one and the same, in practicality is mankind able to really accept these as ONE and the same? If that was probable then the differentiation between temples, mosques, ashrams and budhavihars would have come to an end?
GURUKALPANANposted @ February 22 2015 10:45 PM    
Guru is commanding that unified faith in God (monotheism) should prevail in mankind. The concept “Almighties, Gods save us” should change. One and only one God. That one and only One Concept of the commencement. I think that is what Guru has intended.
Sanjeevanposted @ February 24 2015 10:32 PM    
It is that concept of ONE what is termed as unified belief in God. The prophets who were the spokespersons of this unified faith in God came and a group of humans have accepted that ideology as well. But did that pave way to unify the mankind?

Or is it that they are projecting as separate monism’s.

Raghuramanposted @ February 28 2015 10:25 AM    
There should be multi religious conventions held. The truth that the core of all religions are same should be accepted.

That is what is denoted as ONE.

Mahindranposted @ March 07 2015 7:25 AM    
How many such conventions were conducted? How many such multi religious harmonies were held? That ONE is the human society. There is possibly a ONE which / who has the ability to persuade all human beings to be in love with each other. And that was definitely transferred to the parambara before that Guru descended. In accordance to the ability of the successors in that parambara, and also as per the capability of the deeds of those successors who are yet to come in that parambara, that will be spread into the mankind. We should, at the same time, acknowledge the truth that all those preceding parambaras of Acharyas who were given birth for that, were also not able to achieve that. Definitely Guru might have denoted where all were the faults. That parambara should be able to distinguish those and perform accordingly.
Rajeevanposted @ March 08 2015 3:09 PM    
What is that unified concept of multiple religions? Is it that there is only one Almighty for this Universe? The words of Guru/Prophets have become set of unrecognizable rules amongst mankind.
Dinakaranposted @ March 08 2015 5:19 PM    
That means circumcision, baptism and the ceremony of putting the sacred thread (among Brahmin boys) should unite. In short the traditional practises of all religions should become one. Will mankind unite only with that? Will the discrepancies in the ideologies of theological statesmen or the segmentation of the cross country cultural diversities end with that?
Rajiposted @ March 10 2015 1:43 PM    
That ONE is the Guru of this Solar System. Only a Guru who is the Supreme Master of all the zodiacs and stars will be able to unite mankind.
GURUKALPANANposted @ March 10 2015 10:22 PM    
Did such a Guru take birth in any of the recent years? If not will Thy take birth during this time? How can one distinguish that?
Anilaposted @ March 14 2015 12:33 PM    
An ideal astrological scholar will be able to identify and know about that Acharya, through the ascension (Aaroodam) processes in astrology.
Vinodposted @ March 15 2015 10:14 AM    
It is only possible to know through Shruthi (heavenly voice) or Smrithi (scriptures). Means through visions or heavenly voice.
Ramesanposted @ March 15 2015 1:20 PM    
Is anyone getting such kind of visions or heavenly voices in this age? Even if someone is claiming of receiving them how is it possible to recognize it as true?
Rajuposted @ March 17 2015 7:29 AM    
There is a place where sanyasins who possess such visionary experiences resides. “Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you”. It will be possible for those who visit that place to grasp the truth.
Priyaposted @ March 18 2015 9:49 AM    
Everyone should accept Christianity. Through Jesus Christ let us be one human cluster. Praise the lord.
Johnposted @ March 20 2015 6:39 PM    
Even if one accepts Christianity, doesn’t the issue of following which denomination of the Church remain?
Sajanposted @ March 22 2015 10:02 AM    
Don’t we have The Holy Father and the Son even in Christianity? For Islam it’s only Allah. Isn’t that the ONE? Let us array in that.
Imranposted @ March 22 2015 12:36 PM    
Through Sri Narayana Guru, the message of “One God for mankind” has spread across the world.
Rajivposted @ March 23 2015 1:44 PM    
No matter how many dynamic ideologies exist in this world, man can only take birth as part of any one of the religions. Noble souls who takes birth thus, however much ever unification they proclaim mankind will tag those words as per the caste or religion they are born. Though, through Sree Narayana Guru, overwhelmingly unjust social practices like inequality & untouchability prevailed in the society was eradicated and then right for worship was granted equally to all, religious discrimination is still at its peak. That has intensely influenced human minds. Only an immense karmasheshi who can detach human minds from that influence will be able to unite the whole world.
Prasad Perumkadavilaposted @ March 24 2015 5:13 PM    
In Santhigiri Ashram calendar, a few time before, I happen to see these words (“A ONE is required to unite the mankind.”) under the title Guruvani. Commoners like me do not properly understand the meanings of these great words by great people. Guru’s physical presence is no more. Now Guru is not among us to inquire and understand this. Isn’t the disciples accountable to make us understand this in Guru’s absence?
SARATHposted @ March 27 2015 4:14 PM    
In many Santhigiri’s publications I have read many such Guruvanis. What is the use of merely printing so many Guruvanis like this? Shouldn’t we also know the ideology behind those Guruvanis? Who will be able to accurately explain them?
Kiliparambil Senanposted @ March 29 2015 6:12 AM    
It will be possible by Guru’s believers only to declare that clearly. That ONE would definitely be the Almighty. But The Supreme cannot directly act in mankind. For this, in all ages, The Almighty has chosen eligible human souls. Hence that ONE is definitely a human soul.
Raviraj Pillaiposted @ March 31 2015 10:11 PM    
I am a believer of that Mahaguru, the founder Acharya of the fore stated Sathigiri Ashramam. Guruvanis hold a visional side much beyond the enriched significance evolving in the human brain. The core values of the noble words of the preceded Guru/Prophets did not pass on to the human world after the time period of Acharya, due to the absence of eligible and spiritually elevated group of disciples who could perceive its visionary aspects. Thus those Acharya Sankalpas did not enable completely in the human society. Not only that things contrary to the concepts of the Great souls did also happen. Hence segmentation happened in those parambaras as well.

Believe that in Sathigiri Ashrama parambara there are disciples who possess spiritual experiences and extra sensory insights. It is through them that we should be able to understand what in reality is that ONE which will unite the mankind and how will it materialize in mankind. Not only that but also Guru’s practicality in accordance to the ideology is of prime importance. Let us await with prayers for such clear insights.

N.Abu.Santhigiri P.Oposted @ April 03 2015 10:53 PM    
I believe, that ‘One’ in reality is this invincible Guruparambara, which is capable of operating by completely grasping Guru’s ideologies and will, throughout the Kalpa; as this is a comprehensive and prolonged Guru’s ideology which has to occur through many Yugas.
Anoop Nairposted @ April 09 2015 6:33 AM    
Among those who have lived their lives along with Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru, there were a group of people with whom Guru has exchanged Thy ideologies. It will be they who would have authentic knowledge about Guruvanis. It would be nice if the priceless knowledge of those great beings are shared through Samvedakan.
Prabhakaranposted @ April 12 2015 7:02 PM    
Since this is a discussion forum, those of you who feel that your opinions are not expressed in its entirety, have the opportunity to explain that again. You may utilize that.
Administratorposted @ April 13 2015 5:40 AM    
Santhigiri Guruparambara is a place where truths are recieved through VISIONS. The world takes much longer time to accept many truths. After being revealed in the cosmos, it is through centuries that it gets reflected in the material world. Hence, many of these truths if revealed today, it will be impossible for a vast majority of people to accept or even believe them. Some will even defame them.

Time proves everything.

Swami Nithyabodhanandaposted @ April 19 2015 5:49 PM    
Do you think it is appropriate to hide and not declare openly the truths which are known to us due to the fear whether the world will evaluate it or offend it? It is history that the world has initially denied many truths. Time will prove everything is one among the truths. Did all the Acharyas kept silence and left it for the time to prove after grasping the truths from the cosmos? If we leave everything for the time then how will we fulfil our dharma? What is the sacrifice of successors? What is their karma and dharma?
A Sabha memberposted @ April 20 2015 10:02 AM    
We should examine and study history of hellish torments the contemporary parambara of the foregone Prophets undertook for following and spreading their Acharya’s ideologies. Keeping quite scared of being ridiculed by people?? Those known truths should be declared to the world without any hesitation by the ones who have experienced it. I believe that it is a sincere and strong willed parambara which can endure sacrifices is what Guru has intended as that ONE.
Dharmatheerdharposted @ April 20 2015 9:03 AM    

The dharmas of the Universe along with its creation are inscribed in the cosmos by the Creator. Then is there any need to speak about human dharmas specially?

The Acharyas who are the Mantra Drashtas (Seers of Thoughts) are grasping this through the path of Njana (Knowledge). Such comprehensible collections of these understandings are the timely evolutions from the Manusmrithi till the Quran. And that is being continued as well. Not only that those broader ideologies in its wider aspects did not enter into human mind, but also in later times it did emaciate and turned into different segments inside the moulds of parochial minds. Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru had to proclaim to this world about the necessity of a ONE which is more competent (Seshi), after grasping this truth.
Swami Brahmananda Kulapathiposted @ April 27 2015 6:36 AM    
Respected Swami Brahmananda Kulapathi’s statements have become noteworthy. Due to the narrow minds, the purity of intensions and breadth of the Acharya ideologies were defaced. In later years it either turned out into separate segments or religions etc

We should now be adopting a much more efficient ONE to establish the real ideology of HUMAN BEING.

Brahmachari Vedahariposted @ April 28 2015 7:38 AM    
Mine is a humble thought. Guru understood that the concepts conceived by the Acharyas are not to evolve in human minds one fine morning. Primarily on the other hand human minds should be made mature enough. Hence a ONE which is suitable enough for fulfilling that duty by taking its course of time is what Guru has proclaimed. At the same time the parambara who has come to know about it from Guru will only be able to clarify what is that ONE Guru has denoted. Nevertheless these kind of healthy initiatives will prove effective to shed some light towards that subject. Greetings to Samvedakan.
Swami Athmaprabodhananposted @ May 2015 11:07 AM    
Respecting esteemed Swami Athmaprabodhan’s way of thoughts. The issue is the immaturity of human minds which do not understand those Divine ideologies. On the contrary, it is not those simple human minds which chained the Acharya ideologies inside the walls of religions by giving it the sectarianism of nation, language, culture, custom and colour. Guru might have envisioned of a ONE which possesses the ability to overcome those intellects spreading these bias into humble human minds.
Brahmachari Vedahariposted @ May 7 2015 8:01 AM    
Is it possible to completely plenish the human minds with that maturity pointed out by Swami Athmaprabodhan, within the span of one birth? It is a long transformation process throughout a janma and beyond. It is a cosmic life cycle which includes those zodiacs and planets where the soul is positioned after the disposal of physical body and those star signs in which the soul takes birth afterwards. Only an Omniscient, who is not only able to envision that in its complete form but also able to control it, will be able to bear the karmic position of that ‘ONE’. It might be because of this, Gurukalpanan has attributed it as the Guru who is the Supreme Master of all the zodiacs.
Swami Brahmananda Kulapathiposted @ May 8 2015 6:27 AM    
The subject is getting more complex. Swami is entering into the transformation cycle of the soul which has to happen through many births. The souls who have dedicated themselves onto that magnificently efficient Guru, onto that ONE; those who have performed their soulful dedication onto that Athmaroopam will position itself in that flock of Guru while departing its body and then take birth either in that parambara or into that ideology. It will be possible to unite the mankind through that sacrificial parambara who have dedicated their lives in many births for the sake of such an ideology and whose Guru reverences is extended to many Yugas.
Gurunandananposted @ May 11 2015 11:25 AM    
Sri Gurunandanan’s words have immensity in its meaning. It has a practicality which is appropriate with Guru’s sankalpas. That ONE is Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s Radiant Image. Guru’s cosmic image which will lead mankind towards virtuousness till the end of Kalpa. The Radiant Image which provides the soulful inspiration (Athma prajodanam) to that sacrificial parambara.
Gurumithranposted @ May 17 2015 1:35 PM    
I believe that Sri Gurumithran’s revelation ‘That ONE is Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s Radiant Image’ is based on vision. My association with Santhigiri Ashram is as old as thirty five years. There are thousands in the Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s parambara who are able to visualize (through visions) Guru’s Radiant Image. To my knowledge visional experience is a matter of luck. Hence should not let that fortune away by unveiling those experiences. That might be the reason why many are not revealing those to others.
JanardhanaMenonposted @ May 18 2015 5:04 PM    
For preserving the belief in a Unified Supreme amongst mankind, which ever Acharya takes birth in this earth, The Almighty will deliver Thy commands to them through the Athmaroopam of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru till the end of the Kalpa. It will provide vigour and enthusiasm. In this Guruparambara it is happening today. It is that cosmic image which is denoted as that ONE.
Gurunandananposted @ May 24 2015 9:52 AM    
From the discussions till now, one is able to understand that for uniting the human race in the name of the ideology of Unified faith in God, many Acharyas took birth before Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru and that none of them were able to complete that karma in accordance to the fate. In future with the same aim, numerous venerable souls will take birth in Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru parambara in the coming years. They will work towards the same ideology. With the Guru reverences, which will exist through many Yugas, I trust that the mankind can be united.
Ajithposted @ June 8 2015 12:33 PM    
The parambaras of Acharyas who have come with the same ideology of Unified faith in God, have turned out to be in different fragments after losing their sense of purpose. Beneath that One, those who share the same ideology should be arraying is the message proclaimed by Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru.
Giridharanposted @ June 9 2015 11:31 AM    
It is understood that the sishya parambara has recognized that ONE in the cosmic world. Then why cannot they declare that to the world??
Sasikalaposted @ June 15 2015 8:01 AM    
Srimathi Sasikala’s doubts are meaningful. And the truth is that all those are already declared. Didn’t it come to your knowledge till now? Right now parambara hasn’t attained the complete efficiency (karmaseshi) to spread that to the entire mankind. Definitely in the coming generations that true Guruthvam, that ONE will become worldwide.
Gurumithranposted @ June 16 2015 7:11 PM    
Did everyone among Guru’s disciples could know Guru’s perfection through visions?

Did this parambara, already understood their Guru ideologically and comprehensively?

The importance lies in timely grasping and implementing, the appropriate practical sides for spreading the ideology worldwide, from Guru through the medium of visions.
Chidambaramposted @ June 17 2015 9:12 AM    
Not any plan of action of the omniscient Guru is a short term plan which represents one or two births. Those are yet to be manifested by those disciples of Guru, in their upcoming births, with the karmic efficiency Guru has transferred on to them. Hence the question, what they have earned in their current birth is therefore irrelevant.
Prasannanposted @ June 23 2015 7:20 PM    

Here, the relevance of the question or what they have attained isn’t the subject.

There are three major aspects of Guruthvam; i.e. spirituality, ideology and practicality. Only when these aspects are properly grasped, understanding Guru gets completed. This is what is explained by Sri Chidambaram. Only those who have understood like this absolutely can transferred that properly to the mankind. Only when it is transferred like this, that ONE will unite mankind.
Kasi Viswanathposted @ June 25 2015 10:26 PM    
Who has attained and who has not is not what is important in Sri Chidambaram’s wordings.

‘avajananthi maam mudha manushim tanumashritha

param bhava janantho mama bhuma maheswaram.’

(bhagavat gita 9:11)

Unwise people disparage me who have taken a human physical body. They do not comprehend the transcendental form in me – this is what Sri Krishna Paramathma is reminding.

The disciple who understands his Guru’s Supreme form will only be able to complete the mission. Arjuna could complete his karma when he realized who Sri Krishna Paramthma was. Here, one who has known that ONE, Guru, will only be able to let know.
Swami Nithyabodhanandhaposted @ June 28 2015 6:30 AM    
Experience is Guru. Guru’s ideologies is what leads the world. Guru has commanded to perform using yukthi (tactics) budhi (intellect) and yogabalam (good fortunes).
Guru Kalpanaposted @ July 01 2015 7:02 AM    
Experience, ideology and performance these three are possible only through yogabalam is what Guru is declaring. When we hear the word ‘yogabalam’ we might feel that it is some sort of strength attained through the Yogic medium. However Guru has clarified that it simply denotes what is in ‘accordance to the good fortunes’.
Vinayakanposted @ July 05 2015 6:54 AM    
It is in accordance to one’s good fortunes (luck) that Guru’s completeness is experienced. It is through those fortunate gracious souls who take birth in this paramabara after the third generation, Guru’s sankalpas in its complete form will start to realize. And those who are existing now will complete their part as per their bhagya and will depart. They will not be able to do anything more. And that ONE will continue to function from the cosmos.
Joy Pattambiposted @ July 07 2015 5:55 PM    
Sri Chidambaram’s question whether this parambara has known its Guru ideologically in its complete form, is very much relevant. The majority in the Guru parambara initially arrived the ashram to find solutions to their personal problems. Later, there are some among them who have understood the ideology and there are some who leave without understanding it. When we ideologically understand Guru and inscribe those principles into our lives and only then we become the Guruparambara. And when that ONE’s growth reachs worldwide, then the mankind will unite.
Baluposted @ July 07 2015 6:48 PM    
Those people who get crowded for ‘Aattukal Pongal’ are also known to be as believers of God. What ideology does it hold more than the fulfillment of their worldly desires? Gurumargam should not become like this.

It is not possible to conceptualize the accurate meaning of Guruvani. The significance of it varies with time & place and material world & cosmic world.

Saliposted @ July 20 2015 5:43 PM    
The question – from where do ‘belief in Guru’ start, has no much significance. It might be from an experience. That experience may extend from material matters to divine visions. How much have that experience influenced your soul, holds the significance. Later on, how much that source of experience grows and how long that sustains, is the crux.
Ashaposted @ July 21 2015 9:54 PM    
How is it possible to enumerate this mankind which is very much volatile with births and deaths?

How is it possible to bring together this mankind which comprise of unstable minds to atheistic intelligentsia?

Vipinposted @ July 25 2015 10:17 AM    
Do not spoil your head by giving a narrow meaning to mankind as something which can be accurately decided through a daily census. I can only think of it as a larger group of people in the human world for a very longer period.
Reghuposted @ July 26 2015 8:37 PM    
What I think is that it requires an appropriate ONE if there has to be unity in the mankind which preserves righteousness and human Dharmas.

Disparities and disagreements are in the rise among those people who possess more intellect, knowledge and ideological awareness. If people like them unite in a ONE then others will follow.

Gopanposted @ July 31 2015 4:32 PM    
Amongst Almighty’s creations man is a special group which comprises of most differences, sectarianisms and varieties. Any other creature has uniformity in aptitudes and interests. The thinking habits, pride, knowledge and sense of freedom is leading man in a different means. And it is a tedious task to unite that man.
Prathapanposted @ August 1 2015 2:10 PM    
What I am scribbling here is just an imagination. One that has the possibility of turning out to be real.

The earth will face problems in future which will put the entire mankind in crisis. Indications are already evident. And human intelligence will have no solution for that crisis. The solutions for that which are received from Almighty, will be given to this parambara time to time by Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru through the medium of visions. This parambara will provide those to the mankind in appropriate time.

That day the world will truly know Guru.
Brahmaduttposted @ August 3 2015 6:30 AM    
This is not a minuscule imagination. But it is a great Truth.

This parambara has attained and preserved a knowledge from Guru about the most crucial incidents going to occur in this earth after three hundred years. The then generation will declare it before that incident occurs. Thus the then mankind will understand Guru's prophetical graciousness.

If the Creators Sankalpas could sculpture the entire Universe, then it wouldn't be an impossible one for the Divine Soul assigned by the Almighty to unite mankind of this earth which is just a particle of this Universe.
Vinayakanposted @ August 5 2015 4:23 PM    
This world whose righteousness is deteriorating can definitely expect in future, natural calamities like Tsunami, contagious diseases like Aids or things worse than that which we cannot imagine as an outcome of karma.

It is a truth that scientific intelligence isn't adequate enough to provide a solution for these.

Sathyanposted @ August 8 2015 3:12 PM    
The common problem which occurs in the society is what drives it to unite together. The common problem of the nation inspires the formation of intra national associations. The mankind will definitely unite in front of life threatening issues which impacts the earth as a whole.

That Will Power which provides solutions to that crisis will definitely be that ONE which will unite mankind.

Padmaposted @ August 9 2015 3:42 PM    
The Creator will be able to pass on messages for saving mankind from such crisis conditions only through a parambara which receives visions (Smriti). And the specialty of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guruparambara is that it is a parambara which is receiving visions (Smriti). The parambara should exercise utmost caution towards Truth, Dharma etc. They should be able to perpetuate the fortune of receiving visions by imparting ultimate priority to Guruthvam.
Swami Brahmanandakulapathiposted @ August 19 2015 6:33 AM    
Don't we have an intimation that in this parambara, at all ages, there will be disciples who will possess the fortune of receiving visions?
Sadhuposted @ August 23 2015 9:03 AM    
At all ages there will be disciples who will be fortunate to receive visions. It will be lost if no caution is imparted. Such is the history of this parambara. We should be able to preserve the luck of receiving visions.
Swami Brahmanandakulapathiposted @ August 25 2015 6:54 AM    
The inception, progress and existence of this Guruparambara is on the fortune of receiving Visions in the mercy of Almighty. Parambara's prime responsibility is to safeguard the trust in Visions by preserving morality and truthfulness.
Siddharthanposted @ August 30 2015 3:14 PM    
When the sruthi (words) and smrithi (visions) received from the cosmos converted into Vedas and Upanishads through the Rishis, when the noble ones who adopted the path of Devas became Guru apparent (Gurusthaniyar) and received knowledge through the deities they worshiped, the Godly words received through messengers and angels became the guidelines for the successors of prophets and turned into great testaments. Here in Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s parambara, Guru’s disciples are made eligible for prophesy. In place of messengers and angels, through Guru’s radiant Athmaroopam, God’s commands are received by Guru’s disciples. Here Guru has become an angel, a messenger, a graciousness and then God.

Reference - Gurusakhshyam (

Compiler: Mahinderposted @ September 01 2015 12:18 PM    
Such a gracious ‘ONE’ which thus strings the human beads through many Yugas. A very strong thread which passes through those beads. That invisible thread – it can be affection, it can be belief, it can be ideology and it can be Guruthvam. That ONE can also be a combination of all these. That ‘ONE’ should gain strength in this Guruparambara. My humble mind feels that, this is the meaning of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru Vaani.
Pushpitha, Santhigiriposted @ September 01 2015 6:27 PM    

It can be undoubtedly stated, that ‘ONE’ is an efficient soul (athmaseshi) who is able to spread into the mankind, the Divine Sankalpa that the entire mankind live affectionately as one community.

Because till today, it is through human souls that Divine Will has reached mankind. Even though for a lesser period, such gracious Acharyas were till today unable to execute the Divine Sankalpa of uniting the mankind. Also the Creator isn’t expecting that either through violence or by imposing. Though have prayed “loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”, one must accept the truth that till date no Acharya put into practise the ideology of uniting the mankind.

What is the reason for that?

That is a tedious, unimaginable massive task. That Guruvani is the glistening of that sankalpa which emerged in Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru. It will be through that Guru this will be coming into effect is my belief.
Jayanposted @ September 03 2015 5:16 PM    

Spreading Guru’s ideology of uniting mankind as per the Supreme Will is just not enough. It should be possible for that Paramabara to attain from their Guru, the Athmasehi to thus unite mankind.

That is neither limited to one human birth nor is it vested on any disciple. That massive responsibility is to be relayed continuously from one Dharmasabha to another and through them it has to be transferred from one parambara to another. That Sishya parambara should evolve as the embodiment of values such as ideology, sankalpa, prayer, karma, sacrifice, tolerance, unity, love, kindness which outpoured from that Mahathma for the completion of the Divine Sankalpa.

That cosmic and powerful Karmaseshi which is present in the atmosphere of this solar system, will have to first lead that parambara and then the mankind towards uniformity.

Swami Athmaprabodhanposted @ September 05 2015 7:20 AM    
What my karma and Dharma, in accordance to my punya & seshithwam, towards the spreading of the ideology of unified God through this Guruparambara?

For its accomplishment, prayers and sankalpa has to be devoted on to Guru and completed. For this purpose, that ONE has to be adopted in the heart as Karmasakshi (witness of karma), is what Guru has indicated.

Aneeshposted @ September 06 2015 10:02 AM    
To get all abilities and efficiency to imprint the Supreme’s Will, Guru’s ideologies, into mankind – this is my only prayer today.

I dedicate that on to the Creator.

A Dharmasabha Memberposted @ September 06 2015 3:33 PM    

That ONE is 'the sturdy belief'.

How many such disciples currently exist who completely trust that their Guru’s Ideologies, Will and Sankalpas will be established in the mankind? How can a person who himself disbelieve, make some else believe in that. How can a person function in entirety without believing?

How many such believers are there in this parambara, who atleast pray in five yamas every day that Guru’s sankalpas should be established in mankind? Those who are aware of Guru’s sankalpas, even if they do not have a big efficiency of spreading those worldwide, should have the heartfelt prayer for that to materialize.

Abu Nposted @ September 07 2015 6:39 AM    
"The entire Universe is thriving in the fascination of egoism. It is Willpower which instils Inception. The one with a firm Willpower spreads an aura around himself. And transfers that to the entire world as per his Athmaseshi. Thus such Excessive Souls (Amithathma) do exist who brings along others also to the clear pulsations of his mind. When the Almighty assigns such powerful men, those great personalities passes on that ideology to us. Our thoughts equalizes with that. That Mahathma and we become one."

- Vivekananda Sahithya Sarvam:3 -

Compiler – Rishikeshposted @ September 08 2015 1:47 PM    

Greeting to the Compiler Sri Rishikesh. Thanks for quoting this highly meaning wordings of Swami Vivekananda.

I accomplished, I invented, I build, I spoke and inscribed, I did the sankalpa and fructified – the whole universe in these egoistic hallucinations. Pride is in the forefront of the human world. The elevated status of my soul, my eminent power, such pride need to shunned and realize that we all are merely Guru’s instruments. “We should be able to reach the constant humble feel that I was able to accomplish that due to Almighty’s mercy.” This words of Sri Karunakara Guru is what has attracted me the most. Similarly Guru’s life was the collection of crores of such humbly completed karmas. Finally that Soul attained completion. It is perfection / completion which is that ONE.

First that Guru’s sankalpas and our thoughts should become equal. Guru’s biggest practicality was ideological consensus. What comes in forefront for us is our power of comprehension whether all these are doable. That should change. Only he who blindly believe in Guru and Guru’s words without letting ones intellect pollute it will only be able to put this is into practice.

Ramachandran Nairposted @ September 09 2015 9:36 AM    
In this Guru parambara, in those family people who completely observe Guru Dharma, noble and eminent Sanyasis similar to Swami Vivekananda will take birth. Through such influential personalities Guru’s ideologies will once become worldwide.
Hari K Vposted @ September 11 2015 7:56 PM    
The venerable souls existing in this atmosphere, those who have toiled for the progress of the parambara, who are eligible for salvation, will take birth in the third generation onwards in those families where Pithrusudhi has been conducted through Guru’s Sankalpa. Such is the notification from Guru. That ONE will become worldwide through those gracious people.
Padmajanposted @ September 12 2015 8:10 PM    
According to our intellect, reasoning and luck, Guru is making us perform and attain from a portion of venerable deeds. For our pride, it appears to be done by myself. They become perfect who change this state of mind and reach the realisation that ‘it is Almighty who is making me do all these’. It is their Sankalpa which is required to unite the mankind.
Vivekposted @ September 13 2015 11:43 AM    
It is understood that the ultimate ideology emanating from the last Mahathma also is similar to the ideology ‘Brahma Sathyam Jagat Midhya’ which was repeated through Sri Sankaracharya. Those Dominant ones assigned by the Almighty, transfers into us the ideology provided by the Almighty. Our thoughts and ‘that’ thus equalises.

The parambara has already realized that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru is one such Excessive Soul. It is now for the world to know about that. Through the eminent personalities in the parambara, the ideologies being provided by Guru has to be transferred into the mankind. All the disciples of Guru should turn out to be gracious. Guru is the Radiant Image who is the provider of the ideology.

Chandrasenanposted @ September 13 2015 1:32 PM    

That ONE is definitely the ideology which has flown from that Acharya.

A century before the concept of mankind was an unreachable and impossible imagination. Today mankind is available in finger tips. Today it is possible to spread an ideology into the mankind within minutes. The massive alterations happening to time has become favourable for spreading ideologies.
Mukundanposted @ September 14 2015 10:41 AM    
If the entire human minds are to find unity in that ONE, then that One should have a universal, perennial and a wholly acceptable image.
Harshanposted @ September 14 2015 5:52 PM    
The Almighty with Thy Radiance created an Image in the cosmos. Through that Image we were given heavenly words. After instating that Radiant Image, in the same image Almighty provided us with a Soul. That Soul was given a physical body. That became Guru to us.

Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru.

Guru is God. The viewable God. When the time came, that Soul returned and merged into the Almighty. (We are getting to experience that Cosmic image as Nava Oli. Such is the visional experience.)

That Gururoopam, Guru’s ideologies and Gurumaargam became the path of eternal liberation (Athma mochanam) to us. That Radiant Image till the end of Kalpa will lead mankind towards that Supreme Truth. It is that Truth which is Guru, it is through that Radiant Image, the Creator will unite this mankind.

Reference - Gurusakhshyam (

Compiler – Sangamithraposted @ September 17 2015 7:26 AM    
The uniformity of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru parambara is the Radiant Image of Guru which thousands of people are receiving in visions. It is as per the commands and knowledge received from that, this parambara’s abundant and prosperous growth takes shape. This truth is spreading into the world. And once that dissemination completes, the world will understand Guru.
Jayamejayanposted @ September 20 2015 10:35 PM    

If the entire human minds are to find unity in that ONE, then that One should have a universal, perennial and a wholly acceptable image - this is a truth.

The uniformity of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru parambara is the Radiant Image of Guru which thousands of people are receiving in visions. That Single Image.
Sugathaposted @ September 23 2015 7:35 AM    
The human world doesn’t have a history of even 5% among the contemporaries accepting the Acharyas who took birth in the earth as the spokespersons of Unified Belief in God. There weren’t even fifty people who have recognized those Acharyas through the medium of visions.

Here the speciality of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru’s parambara is that thousands of people have recognized Guru via the medium of visions. It is further that even after Thy physical presence has seized to exist, through the path of visions, knowledge / commands from Guru is being received.

Prasadanposted @ September 26 2015 8:46 AM    
That ONE is the ideology which is able enough to unite the mankind. Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru is the Preceptor of that ideology. No slackness should occur in appropriately spreading to the world – that Guru and Thy ideologies.

That Gururoopam should be instilled for worship in all such places where it is possible to preserve cleanliness. Through experiences later on, it will become worshipful to the world.

Athmaswaroopanposted @ September 27 2015 6:42 AM    
I have heard from older generations that Guru never liked to take photos or even disliked Guru’s pictures getting published in the newspapers.
Sivakumarposted @ September 28 2015 5:34 PM    
It is true that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru while present in Thy physical abode, instructed not to print and publish Thy photos in the pages of newspapers and also not to build monument for some who is alive. And that is truly to be forbidden so that such papers which carries Guru’s photos are not placed in dirty waste bins. Publishing in the paper and instilling and worshiping – are these not two different karmas? Not to build monument for some who is alive – does that mean it is for all times? Isn’t the time period for Thy physical presence ended? Isn’t there a monument now? Eligible disciples should be able to instil and worship Guru in sanctified places. If it is required to attain a boon (Varam) from Guru for that, then they should undertake the penance (Thapassu) towards that and then attain it. That is how that ONE should spread in the world. That the karma and dharma of the real disciples. Those who possess accountability and sincerity will do and attain that. Those who desire for one’s own fame will create new images.
Rajarathinamposted @ September 29 2015 9:33 AM    
With worshipping Guru, the prosperity of that family will intensify. This is the experience of this parambara. That should be made evident to the society.
Somanposted @ September 30 2015 11:28 AM    
Worshiping the Gururoopam is the birth right of a disciple. Guru never tried to prevent a strong willed, unselfish and eligible disciple from that. Those gracious ones who have visional experiences can do that after asking and knowing from Guru.
A devotee of Guruposted @ September 30 2015 8:31 PM    
The Dharma of this parambara is the karma of spreading that Guru’s image into the human minds. Should be able to drive the attention of human minds towards those Guru’s dialects. It should be possible for Guru’s disciples to inscribe the essence of Guru’s ideologies into the souls of the contemporary human society. Thus lead mankind into that ONE-ness which is Guru. Guru’s intention of that ONE, through this Guruvani for uniting the mankind is the combination of Guruthvam, sincerity, sense of ideology, unity, willingness to sacrifice, righteousness, truthfulness, mercifulness, affection, cooperation, devotion and faith, dedication, sankalpa, prayer which should be prevalent in this Guruparambara.

Reference - Gurusakhshyam (

Pushpithaposted @ October 1 2015 9:27 PM    
Antaryamis do exist in this atmosphere, who misled the mankind and even the Acharyas who came to unite mankind through global affection, from the attempt emphasized on that Divine Sankalpa. Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru is that Efficient Soul who can constantly save human minds from that and later on transfer the soul’s efficiency to them for self –saving from those and thereby preserve this process in the cosmos for ages.

Guru has implanted such sankalpas in the atmosphere of this solar system. Nevertheless we should be able to pray and attain them.

Swami Swaroopanandaposted @ October 2 2015 5:38 AM    
Whichever of Guru’s devotees who experience Visional Truths, is indebted to inform the mankind about his own experience through any medium.

That ONE is the sense of duty.

Anilposted @ October 3 2015 8:07 PM    
Is it possible through astrology to recognize the presence of this Mahathma?
Vishnu Namboothiriposted @ October 4 2015 10:16 AM    
Any astrologer who has authentically learned astrology will be possible to distinguish truth and untruth through that science. Do hope that astrologers pay attention to this and trust they will provide an answer to it.
Kala Iyerposted @ October 6 2015 7:32 AM    
I was an eye witness to the Devaprasna conducted with the participation of the commoners in 1985 in the Panchajanya Kalyana Mandapa in Trivandrum which was attended by thirteen eminent astrologers of Kerala viz Karakulam Krishnan Potti, P R Nambyar, Chembazhanthi Kochu Narayanan, Jyothsyacharya Sri Krishna Pillai etc. After the Devaprasna, all the thirteen of these astrologers attended a meeting which was conducted in the Gandhi Park. They declared then that a Guru who is an Athmanjani has done away with all the introversions and flaws which affected the deity in the Sabari Mala Sri Dharma Sastha Temple, through the Vedic means of Sankalpa Mathrena Parameswaraha.

I happen to meet those who conducted that and authentically enquired who that Athmanjani was. I learned through them that it was Brahma Sri Karunakara Guru, the founder Acharya of Santhigiri Ashram. Whoever wants to inquire about this incident can get in touch with those astrologers or even with the office bearers of Sri Dharma Sastha Samskarika Sangam. They possess in their hands, the Rasi Chakra of that public Devaprasna which was scripted by those astrologers.

Hence it is my experience that through astrological science such Athmanjanis can be distinguished.
Ajay Kumarposted @ October 7 2015 7:14 AM    
It was in the Devaprasna conducted in the Karmic lead of Sri Aattuvasseri which declared about the introversion of the Deva and about the impurities present in the temple atmosphere. Various famous individuals attended the common Devaprasna conducted in the Paanchajanya by thirteen eminent astrologers who were gathered by the saddened Ayyappa Devotees. Those astrological Acharyas declared that in a massive public gathering in Kizhakkekotta. I also attended that.

Since that Athmanjani was not interested in declaring His name publicly, it wasn’t announced in that dais. Even I personally inquired the office bearers and came to know if it. Sri Ajay Kumar’s declaration is correct.

Sadasivan Pettaposted @ October 9 2015 5:04 PM    
People differ who are naturally born in distinct zodiacs and star signs differ in everything starting from character, qualities and abilities. A mankind which has taken birth in such a way will never unite on its own. And it wouldn’t be possible to make everyone take birth in same zodiacs, star signs and planets. Hence I completely agree with Sri Gurukalpanan’s opinion that it will only be possible by a soul who is the Supreme Master of all Zodiacs to unite the mankind who is one by one unique.
Sreesankarposted @ October 10 2015 12:27 PM    
It is a fact that the astrological reason behind why man cannot unite with each other is brought to light. That alone will not suffice. It should be possible to do away with the doubt how will it be possible for that Mahathma to bring into consensus those distinct characters which comprises qualities of different planets, stars and zodiacs.
Sambathposted @ October 12 2015 8:34 PM    
Each of these star signs has its own special qualities. Zodiac sign is a time circle. Their characteristic influence will be there on those human minds who are born in those zodiacs as per the time circle. Similarly the ancestral souls are another factor which influences the human minds. In other words, those departed souls with whom we have karmic relations. Our souls will break free from the influence of star signs, zodiacs and ancestral souls if we are able to affix the faith of our soul onto to an Athmaseshi, a Guru who can overcome the influences of these three factors.

It is such an efficient Soul which is that ONE. I am someone who have dedicated my soul onto such a Guru. It is only through such a Soul that the Creator will be able to unite the mankind.

Abu N, Santhigiri P.Oposted @ October 12 2015 9:45 PM    
The only one spiritual centre in the whole of the world where the karma of Pithrusudhi is being performed through the Athmaprakasha (soul’s radiance) of their own Guru who have attained the efficiency of Thy Soul, is Santhigiri Ashram which is in the mainland of India, located in Pothencode, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Guruparambara has adopted that Radiant Image as ‘that ONE’, dedicated their faith of the souls in that, and is finding concentration on it.

Brahmaduttposted @ October 14 2015 6:45 AM    
We will be able to lead a life as per the Kaliyuga Dharma only after a spiritual cleansing. If that cleansing has to complete in us, then it is essential to cleanse the ancestral souls who have influence on our souls and the deities they worshiped. After Agastya Muni’s herculean effort, the only Acharya who has got the RIGHT to perform Pithrusudhi is NAVAJYOTHI SRI KARUNAKARA GURU (the visional side).

Reference - Gurusakhshyam (

This parambara, even today can perform Pithrusudhi through Guru’s Athmaprakasha (Soul’s Radiance).
Vyshakhposted @ October 16 2015 11:22 AM    
‘Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.’ Each Acharya is the ONE of that age. That will continue incessantly. Even then, till date, did the entire mankind unite in any of the ONEs?
Unnikrishnanposted @ October 18 2015 9:03 AM    
In this Guruparambara, till the end of Kalpa there will be only One Guru. At all ages there will be disciples who receive commands from that Guru in the form of Sruthi & Smrithi. They will be able to attain the confidence of human society. Through them the mankind will continue receiving Guru’s commands. That ONE will preserve constant unity in the mankind.
Prasannanposted @ October 19 2015 12:33 PM    
That ONE which NAVAJYOTHI SRI KARUNAKARA GURU intended through the Guruvani is a Guruparambara that possess the sense of responsibility. My request is that we should think of that ONE as ourselves. What is more important is that, till what time these ONEs will be able to pass on and preserve virtuousness, love, unity and Guru’s ideologies onto human minds. That should be transferred to the coming generations.

Understand that Guru’s Will was to unite the mankind. That cannot be limited to Karmaseshi of one life span. Without altering even a word in Acharya’s sayings, we should proceed by safeguarding Acharya’s will and sankalpa. It should turn out to be role models to the upcoming generations. The inability to attain that was the drawback of the parambaras till date, is what Guru has pointed out to us. That strong parambara which Guru envisaged should be able to live upto that expectation.

Ramachandranposted @ October 19 2015 7:11 PM    

I am a member of Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru parambara. Evaluating your ideological sense and affection towards Guru with all esteem.

Guru’s ideologies, Will and Sankalpas in its entirety will start to materialize in the world only through the efficient people who take birth in the third generation of this parambara which has completed the Pithrusudhi. Today to complete those, there are limitations to efficiencies of our souls. Let us live today by preserving our Dharma and by submitting strong prayers and sankalpas for the coming generations to attain that.

Sathguruve Saranam.

Devadathanposted @ October 19 2015 10:02 AM    
Constantly all the devotees of Guru in this parambara should collectively perform and establish the sankalpa “Oh God, please perpetuate in this parambara, only those which are according to the Guru’s ideology, sankalpa and will.
Sijuposted @ October 20 2015 12:27 PM    
Till date many thousands of Acharyas and Prophets have passed through this human world. A thing which wasn’t possible from any of them to complete – what is the reason behind Guru’s disciple’s belief that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru will be able to accomplish that?
Jalaludeenposted @ October 21 2015 12:27 PM    
Those Acharyas who came till date did not inform the contemporary society the ideologies which evolved in their intelligence. ‘Whatever He has told, I am informing you that.’ Thus Acharya ideologies according to the commands of Almighty evolved. Customs evolved. Methods of living evolved. The Acharyas provided us with the practicality for preserving those for a specific time.

There were lot of timely changes to the world with the passage of time. At the same there wasn’t any means to receive the practicalities required for those changes from the preceded Acharyas through vision. It is quite natural that an ideology lacking practicality becomes time barred.

In this Guru parambara at all ages there is only ONE Guru. From that Guru’s Athmaroopam it will be possible to attain the timely practicalities through visions. This is the foundation of the trust of the disciples that this Karma will be made possible through their own Guru.
Kareemposted @ October 22 2015 8:34 AM    
Not only while being present physically, even after leaving the physical abode, we should continue to receive our Acharya’s words / commands. There should be disciples who possess minds which are clean and clear like sky. By mentioning minds clear like sky, Guru is denoting about the mind which is innocent, doesn’t possess any vested interests, selfless, and unselfish. It is only from that Chitakasam, the parambara will receive information from Guru in its perfection. It is as per those commands the parambara should be lead and in turn parambara should lead the world.

As per the information from the Almighty, after the third generation post Pithrusudhi, Rishi apparent Athmaseshi will happen in this parambara who are above seventh stage (Avastha). Through them Guru will function.

N Abu, Santhigiri P Oposted @ October 23 2015 6:33 AM    
The forsaking Athmaseshis in the parambara today, will be reborn and through the Guru lineage will function towards spreading Guru’s ideologies worldwide.
Janapriyanposted @ October 26 2015 7:23 PM    
In principle, that ONE is unification which is ‘Allah’. It is that entrusted Rasool who have passed on that ONE in real practical terms to the mankind. Beyond the Manuparambara, for the first time it was brought to light in mankind through some Rasool, which was at a time which was impossible for history to record. Later on hundred thousand times it was repeated in this mankind through many Rasools. Today through one more Rasool it has repeated.

Jaleel all these Rasools are one and the same. Almighty, Allah, Creator etc. are all one and the same. This repetition will keep on continuing till the time humanity exists. Every Rasool will integrate into that ONE.

Mohananposted @ October 27 2015 8:16 AM    
Is this parambara’s functioning only based on the unselfishness of spreading their own Guru’s ideologies into the world?

Are you only submitting your soul (Athmasamarpanam) in front of your own Guru?

Are you exhibiting unselfish performances without being blindfolded by your own fame?

If so, then you can reach out to mankind through that ONE.

Balakrishnanposted @ October 27 2015 1:35 PM    
That ONE are the Prophets who have functioned in the mankind as the Representatives of Almighty. Do not separate them in different factions and then see them as separate. As the spokespersons of Unified Faith in God, as per the Will of Supreme, all those 2444 Acharyas (visional side) who succeeded each other represented that ONE. They are to merge into that ONE. Such is that sankalpa.
Aneeshposted @ October 29 2015 12:39 PM    
“The entire Deva parambara, the entire Devi parambara, the entire Rishi parambara, and the entire Guru parambara; everything; may come and merge in my Guru parambara, and every efficiency in this celestial may function after attaining strength in Guru – is our plea to Almighty.” - this sankalpa was given to this parambara as per the Will of God since many years. A bigger society comprising of people who possess the ability to perform sankalpa is continuously performing this.
Satheesanposted @ October 31 2015 6:45 AM    
Let it be in any section, those gracious souls who departed after completing their Dharma, will take birth in this parambara for functioning towards equipping that Almighty’s Will in the mankind, through this ONE and will accomplish perfection by amassing more punya.
Sudhakaranposted @ November 2 2015 8:46 AM    
As a substitute to this ONE, isn’t there certain Dual Images which is rising at certain places in this parambara? What is that?
Ramachandran Cherthalaposted @ November 3 2015 7:02 AM    
By thinking inside the humanly appropriate intelligence and logic, man himself cremated all the Acharya ideologies –which has arrived to unify mankind– and then characterized those Acharyas into different religious sects. After the Acharya, in the same parambara developed other individuals as apparent for worshipping and there by hamper the importance of the Acharya. Different segments were created. That ideology of ONE became many due to the influence of devilish forces.

It is for uniting in a ONE at least now, that Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru has informed to adopt a ONE for that.

Gopinathanposted @ November 4 2015 10:23 AM    
It is due to this reason only that knowledgeable people are pleading to only perpetuate in this parambara the concept of Adi Guru and the gracious souls who receive Guru’s commands. With the passing of time, even if numerous gracious souls who have completed many stages (Avastha) come, Guru has thus closed the possibility of them performing seamlessly and amass troubles made by their own making. We shouldn’t be opening it up.

Even to Sathyathrana who has attained perfection, it has happened due to pride.

Gurudathposted @ November 4 2015 12:54 PM    
For transferring onto the mankind the message of Unified Faith in God, 2444 Acharyas took birth in this Kaliyuga – this is the visional truth Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru parambara has received. Amongst them the world came to know of only about a few Prophets in the later lineage. Those before them, were confined to a small locality, limited time, or a small society without much knowledge to larger number of people and returned by fulfilling their births. Their soul’s powers and karmaseshi towards that aim is merged into the karma of this Guruparambara which has succeeded them and is functioning; the mankind must recognize this truth.

Santhigiri Ashram is functioning towards fulfilling the aim without the differences of caste, religion, class, race, place and languages. It is from here that the segmentation between the people who have come forward for a single ideology should change and then become one.

Vedavridanposted @ November 6 2015 6:06 PM    
There is very good clarity in the ideology of Sri Vedavridan. It is not to Acharyas, but it is to their parambaras that segmentation has happened. The Athmaseshi of the Acharyas will be along with those who are functioning for that ideology.
Gopalakrishnanposted @ November 7 2015 4:05 PM    
In this Guruvani, there are viz three elements –
    ONE, Mankind, Unify
. Guru might not have thought of the material meaning which evolves in the common human intelligence for this. There are three cosmic elements viz,
    the Ultimate Soul, the Soul and Merger
which is present in this. There is a visional ideology co-related to this. It is that which is that ONE.
Swami Nirmalandaposted @ November 8 2015 7:02 AM    
There is a wider importance to the time period which is related to these three processes, viz the Ultimate Soul, the Soul and Merger. It may not be the concept of a large group of people in this world, inside a small timeframe. Guru might have opined it as a mankind which mergers into the Ultimate within a wider timeframe.
Vasudevanposted @ November 9 2015 7:38 AM    
It is not to travel through the splendor of spirituality that I would love, but to enter into the eternal possibilities of practicality is what I would.

If the majority of the human world has to array beneath the same umbrella, there should first exist a common problem and then a solution through that ONE. Till the end that ONE should also be a necessity. This is human nature.

Brahmaduttposted @ November 9 2015 8:01 PM    
Only when the world starts to know that a parambara or human society which resides beneath an ideology prospers in all aspects, and reaches the heights of profess, wealth, science, literature, knowledge and in all other areas; then man will accept that there is an element of Truth in that Guru.

Such is human nature.

Santhisenanposted @ November 10 2015 1:14 PM    
From the human soul which was born first till the human soul which lasts till the end, is what is denoted as mankind by Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru.

All these souls are gathering into that Ultimate Soul, that ONE. Guru is reminding that we should be possessing the knowledge about that ONE.

Swami Vedapriyanposted @ November 12 2015 7:38 AM    
Was it possible till date for the Acharyas who thought that there was ONE and only ONE truth, to unite into the spiritual ideology of merging into the ONE? Will a separate heavenly state be the realization of that ONE? The ONE provided by Navajyothi Sri Karunakara Guru is the ideology of merger of the entire mankind into that Oneness.
Santhosh Vembayamposted @ November 13 2015 8:16 PM    
We need a ONE for our minds to focus on. Would it be possible to focus on emptiness? For that we do not find anything more gracious than the image of our Guru. Hence according to me, it is Guru which is that ONE. Our prayers and dedications should only be towards that ONE.

How many such great souls are yet to come in this Guruparambara which is refined through Pithrusudhi. Even if such noble ones who have completed all stages of the soul takes birth in this parambara, the distinctiveness which is Guru will only be worshipped.

N Abu, Santhigiri P Oposted @ November 14 2015 5:10 AM    
I am Ganapathi devotee, belonging to Kottarakkara. I know Santhigiri Ashram. From the beginning of this discussion forum I am reading and understanding it. Currently are you not worshipping Sishya’s Peedam? I have personally seen that it is brought to the houses here and been worshipped to find solutions to problems. Shouldn’t your parambara resort to Guru for finding solutions to problems? Isn’t this Peedam making the belief of this parambara in two different phases?

Isn’t this against the ideology?

Narayana Pillaiposted @ November 15 2015 3:21 PM    
The superior practicality of an Acharya is transferring the ideology in in accordance to the time, place, knowledge and the efficiency to understand. And then to the next Acharya. Hence through many Acharyas, towards the end through a Complete / Perfect Acharya, -through that ONE- reach the ultimate ideology. Now pursue that Acharya and attain liberation.
Viswanathanposted @ November 17 2015 5:01 PM    
All the ideologies which evolve in this world, will ultimately find unity into a single authentic ideology. If there are no diverse principles, then all are united. It is that authentic ideology which is termed as that ONE.
Anandanposted @ November 20 2015 12:00 PM    
This world is the stage of separatism. Starting from country, language, religion, caste, profession, gospels, ideologies, wealth, locality, education, games and even there are fragments and divisions in the name of diseases and incapacities. Humans in all these segments of the world more or less experience some incapability or the other. Discomfort is the unity in this diversity. If there can be a ONE who can resolve these turbulences, then that will become a medium for unification.
Raveendranposted @ November 22 2015 3:09 PM    

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